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We design, code and run production infrastructure and applications on the public cloud.

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Your goal is to accomplish fast and reliable results. Our goal is to get you there. We design, code and run infrastructure and applications on all major cloud providers.

Our Services helps you build and maintain high levels of automation, security, technical best practices and cloud economy across your entire cloud footprint.



Be ready to deploy production grade infrastructure in hours instead of weeks or months!

Remove the time-consuming work of building and maintaining infrastructure on the public cloud by subscribing to Codestax.

Boost your engineering team with opinionated, supported and end-to-end tested infrastructure code modules for your most common needs. A Codestax Subscription includes:

  • Access to all infra code modules

  • Reference architecture and how-to get started guidelines

  • Infra code lifecycle management ( new features, bug fixes, security updates, version upgrades, end-to-end testing)

  • Support via Slack

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The Playground Team

We're located at Gamla Brogatan, in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Our mission is to improve the way companies work with application development and infrastructure on the public cloud through progressive engineering practices, products and code.

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