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We design, code and run production infrastructure and applications on the public cloud.

Playground is the home for engineers who seek personal development and technical challenges.

Say hello to our Products​

We provide subscription-based cloud products for the modern tech organization. Our suite of products supports the most important aspects of cloud management, from cost, usage and security optimization to automation and reliable engineering knowledge.​ ​

We enable you to build cloud solutions faster with higher quality and maintain it with ease. You are onboarded within hours and stay as long as you like.

Playground Codestax

Deploy production-ready cloud infra in hours instead of weeks or months.

Codestax remove the time-consuming and repetitive work of designing, building and maintaining infra on the public cloud.​ ​

Playground Control

Maintain full control over your cloud footprint.​

Get end-to-end visibility and take control over best-practices, security, usage and costs with data driven insights, dashboards and smart alerts.​

Playground Support

Cloud Engineering know-how when you need it. ​

Get direct access over Slack or Teams to a reliable source of know-how and experience that goes beyond traditional tech support. ​

Playground Consume

Lower cloud spend and increased ROI.​

​ Consume makes cloud cost control and invoicing easy to manage and understandable on major clouds.

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Playground tech team

The Playground Team

We're located at Gamla Brogatan, in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

Our mission is to improve the way companies work with application development and infrastructure on the public cloud through progressive engineering practices, products and code.

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