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Sebastian Rosander
Sebastian Rosander

Are your organization practicing DevOps or are you exploring it and what it’s really about? There are probably a thousand explanations on DevOps, both on the philosophy and practice.

There is still a lot of flux and buzz about DevOps, and it will probably be so for a couple of years forward. AWS has an insightful article outlying the work environment, where development and operations are working as a single team responsible for the whole application lifecycle.

The article, as many others walks you through:

· How DevOps Works

· Benefits of DevOps

· Why DevOps Matters

· How to Adopt a DevOps Model

· DevOps Cultural Philosophy

· DevOps Practices

· DevOps Tools

All relevant areas of DevOps, but whereas it’s gives you little information about what skillset and experience you need to acquire. In the end, someone has to translate these concepts, into real hands-on work, to be successful within DevOps. Reading about and collecting information about DevOps, without putting it into practice, won’t let you or your team acquire the skillset that is needed.

So what skills are needed to be successful within DevOps? As broad as the term DevOps is, the skills needed is broad. It will be hard, even impossible for anyone to master them all. But to get going and start acquiring new skills you need a roadmap that outlines what you already know and what you don’t know, yet...

Personally, I used Kamran Ahmeds, DevOps Roadmap which gives you a good overview of what skills and experience you need to acquire to be successful within DevOps. Make sure you use them in practice, even though you do not master them.

You will definitely succeed through continuous learning, practice and feedback.

How do you ensure your personnel are acquiring the skillset needed to be successful in the DevOps area? Please let me know and give your thoughts on the topic!

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