Raysearch at Playground Tech

DevOps Culture and Public Cloud capabilities on the forefront of MedTech

RaySearch Labs develops innovative software solutions for cancer treatment in healthcare used by more than 2,600 clinics in over 65 countries.

Playground's mission was to first develop a strategy for managing R&D environments and the underlying infrastructure, recruit and build the DevOps Team and lead and establish culture, work methodologies and the core capabilities needed to run secure and highly available production workloads on AWS.

Methods & Tech used: DevOps, AWS, CI/CD, HIPAA Compliance, Container Technology, Kanban, Public Cloud Architecture, Tech Leadership, Recruitment.

GLHF at Playground Tech

E-sport startup using AWS and Managed Kubernetes to deliver entertainment to fans around the globe

GLHF.gg is a new entertainment platform within E-sports where you can challenge other fans with your CS:GO and Team knowledge through player versus player and tournament trivia modes. You can see video-on-demand, live streams, events and a range of other opportunities to interact with players of your favorite Team.

Playground was involved from the start and headed-up the CTO role, with responsibility to build the tech team, design and deploy the production infrastructure based on the AWS PaaS offering with the purpose to reduce the need of traditional Cloud Ops and enable fast-paced product delivery.

GLHF.gg is using Playground Cloud Control service to efficiently and continuously monitor and manage security, best-practices and cloud economy on AWS.

Methods & Tech used: AWS, Kubernetes (EKS), RDS, EC2, VPC, CI/CD, Scrum, Tech Leadership, Playground Cloud Control.

Edgeware at Playground Tech

Robust and agile CI/CD architecture for a next generation TV / video streaming SaaS solution

Edgeware enables streaming media to any device, in any format and at any time, their products are ideally suited to broadcasters, content owners as well as telco and cable operators. Edgewares Products allows their customers to take control of their OTT TV delivery, independently of the delivering CDN, measure, manage every single stream in real-time and per segment and get valuable quality of experience (QoE) insights.

Playground’s is responsible to develop a CI/CD strategy for evolving the deployment of application and infrastructure in AWS. Designing for robustness, maintainability and agility we both create the vision and roadmap in collaboration with Edgewares Architects and Developers as well as coach the Development Teams and enable them take control and ownership of their release process while sticking to current best practices and maintaining high quality.

Methods & Tech used: DevOps, CI/CD, AWS, EKS/Kubernetes, Jenkins, Python, Bash, Cloud Achitecture.